Dynamics 365 Business Central (Microsoft NAV) and its Benefits

Dynamics 365 Business Central (Microsoft NAV) and its Benefits

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform was introduced 2018. As soon as it hit the market, the product immediately made an impact. Why was it so popular? Microsoft Nav relinquished problems with CRM and ERP through its integration of the two system types. As a result, the cloud-based platform has allowed the ERP system and the CRM system to come together, whether it be in a new start-up, or an established company.

Some organisations are still reluctant to move their database in its entirety to a cloud-based platform. However, a combined system such as Dynamics 365 Business Central can improve and benefit a business in so many different ways. So, what can it do?

One benefit to Microsoft Nav is the ability to access all information and data, communicate messages and essentially run the entire organisation remotely through the cloud capabilities of the system. When data is stored on the cloud, those who need to access it (managers or other users) can do so from wherever they are on their mobile, tablet or laptop. Furthermore, for companies who may still have doubts about moving to an all cloud based system, restrictions can be set on the devices so that only certain data sets can be accessed by certain employees. Microsoft Nav has truly been created to adapt to the changing modern way of working. 

Another benefit to the system is that it can integrate your entire organisation through one business solution. All applications become connected, ERP and CRM and any other Microsoft system implemented into the company too. As well, with all systems being in one platform and data being centralised, sales can be made more easily and customer service improved. When all the information from sales, accounting, purchasing, inventory etc is documented in one area, it gives better opportunity to view the end-to-end life cycle of the operations within the business. This information empowers key stakeholders to make better business decisions.

Similarly, with Dynamics 365 Business Central, the operations within an organisation can be optimised. Microsoft is a well renowned, trusted software developer and the products that are delivered by partners of Microsoft are also reliable, meaning that any additional partnerships with Microsoft partners will give you the best possible ERP solution. The platform as well as the subsequent partners will allow your business to grow operations in line with the growth of the company.

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