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Microsoft Dynamics Navision is an established Cloud and integrated ERP System which is predominantly embedded within small and medium sized organisations. The sole purpose of this ERP System is to enhance the functionality and accuracy irrelevant of its purchasers industry.

This customisable ERP is increasing business proficiency through the connection of modules within the system from one end of the process to another, from the management of production and sales to supply and capacity planning. Our unique understanding of the ERP market within Germany, coupled with our knowledge of the wants and needs of our clients makes us best placed to support you with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV requirements. Contact us today to find out more.

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I recently supported a company who had been searching for 2 years for a Microsoft Navision Developer. They were based in a remote location of North Rhine-Westphalia and required a real expert in Microsoft Navision. They had just had a failed implementation of their NAV ERP system and were let down by an external provider. The company had spent a lot of money for the project to fail and were deflated about the result.They decided, in an attempt to save the project, that they needed to build an internal development team who can understand their business processes and advise and carry out customisations to make the system as efficient as possible.However, they needed this person to start as soon as possible as they were left with a system that did not work and was affecting their business process efficiency. 

I had a telephone conversation with their HR Manager, CIO and CEO. We spoke about the issues they faced previously in their recruitment processes, the issues with the ERP project and what skills they needed to build a stronger internal Microsoft NAV team. I also discussed with them their options on the market, the whole package required to meet the market rate and how to make the interview process more efficient yet informative.Due to how niche the ERP system is, as well as NAV Developers who speak German, we had to discuss being flexible on certain skills and the package that could be offered. The company were unaware that they were not offering the market rate salary for that position and were also unaware of how niche the skills they were looking for were.We agreed on our interview process and timelines.

After understanding exactly what led to their failed implementation,I managed to arrange interviews with three Microsoft NAV developers that all offered different experiences and understanding of the system.Each of them would be able to do the job individually however, between them they also had experience with implementations, interface connectivity and the new version of NAV. We did video interviews and pre-booked first and second stage interviews to ensure the process went smoothly and quickly. 

The company decided to hire all three of the Developers and build a full internal development team. They all had a short notice period so were able to start at the same time. Because of the different range of experiences and skills all three had, they were able to assist in developing their other interfaces and systems to create an ERP that is completely in sync with other company systems.The company was able to cancel all their external providers in IT which saved them hundreds of thousands of euros. In addition, two months ago, they successfully went live with their Microsoft NAV ERP System.