April News Round-Up

As April comes to an end, it’s worth looking back on the efforts of a busy month – and this month was also the 18thanniversary of IT Works Recruitment’s foundation! Amid the celebrations, however, we’ve been hard at work sourcing candidates for our clients’ complex requirements.

We’ve also been busy with this very blog, where our Head of Practice has out several entries looking at different sides of the market.

Just in case you’ve missed any that would be relevant to you, here’s a recap of the most important posts we’ve made this month.

We began with a note to candidates looking to grow their career in NetSuite. Nick lays out what the NetSuite market is looking for and how you can develop into those roles.

From advice for new candidates, Nick turned to new clients, and laid out some things you should know ahead of a NetSuite implementation. Many of these tips will be useful for any ERP implementation, but for NetSuite users in particular, they should be considered a must-read.

More advice for clients at any stage in their NetSuite use; should you train or hire talent for your NetSuite operations? This question gets debated regularly, but unlike many such topics, there are versions of this question that definitely have one right and one wrong answer. As with the previous entry, some thoughts here will benefit any business using an ERP system.

Many of Nick’s blogs start out when he notices a recurring comment in his calls with clients or candidates. The next one, asking the true cost of a candidate, is definitely one of those. What’s important about these articles is that they often go deeper into the question than many clients would before reaching a decision. When getting it wrong can cost so much extra, it’s important to have all the facts and theories to hand.

And lastly, a question that rarely gets discussed; if you’re using a recruiter, is there any need to create a written job description? And how important is that description?

We hope these articles are useful to you, but, perhaps even more importantly, we hope they’ll give you some things to think about.​