What’s the NetSuite Market Looking For?

Make Yourself What the NetSuite Market is Looking For
Especially during implementation, expertise is needed well beyond simply being familiar with NetSuite. You should be looking to show off your soft skills in addition to your expertise with NetSuite and related software. (Although you should definitely still make sure that expertise is clear!)

Be sure that you can demonstrate your ability to:

Develop and Follow Plans
Any successful project will have been built around a plan. Sure, sometimes those plans need to change, but if they were drawn up well that’s going to be minimal – and the amount of work that needs to be redone or undone will be hugely reduced by following the plan to begin with.

NetSuite personnel should be able to show they can stick to a plan. If you’re likely to be leading a team or working alone, you should also be able to show that you can take in the situation the business is in and draw up a plan to get them where they need to be.

Clean Up Data Issues
A database will be at the heart of everything the business does with NetSuite, but the truth is, that doesn’t change anything. By the time a business has grown large enough to benefit from NetSuite all that information is already stored, sometimes in multiple places that might contradict each other.

It’s that kind of data contamination (plus the ever-present risk of incorrect information having been entered along the way) that can ruin the chances of your new system being useful for a long time to come. Knowing how to troubleshoot databases (especially where there are multiple conflicting databases in a company) is a vital skill to anyone working in the ERP field.

Test, Fix, Test Again
There’s nothing more essential in an implementation – or a roll-out of a new feature – than testing it ahead of time. Any issues should be eliminated before go-live, or they’ll start getting worse right from the beginning.

Can you show these skills? Is your CV ready for the job hunt? To get back into the NetSuite market, reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to help.