Keys to a Successful NetSuite Implementation

Making Your NetSuite Implementation a Success
First priority: planning. While some things will not go as you planned for them to, the better your plan is before you start, the easier every process will be. A NetSuite functional consultant can help you with the planning if you don’t have the experience to do so within your business. Many functional consultants specialise in combining their NetSuite knowledge with your business as usual to highlight potential challenges.

Understanding and cleaning company data is the next key step. Whatever data you have will form the basis for early NetSuite projections and other data. Missing information, multiple conflicting sources, and use of incompatible formats in different departments can all be obvious problems here, but any experienced NetSuite implementation specialist will tell you how rare it is for a business not to need any data cleaning before the data is migrated into the new implementation.

Configuration of your NetSuite system, plus deployment, is often a surprisingly long part of the process, as there are many intricacies which must be addressed and resolved first. This has to be done to give the baseline foundation you’ll be building on going forwards.

Once this is done, your NetSuite specialists will be looking to customise your system – especially the dashboards that will be used to draw information from the system. Even if it’s already been discussed and planned ahead of time, this can take longer than you expect it to. A NetSuite administrator is well placed to help you with this part of the process, but you should expect that multiple discussions will take place before the dashboard is exactly how you want it.

As this phase is coming to an end, testing of the implementation should begin. Developers usually handle most of this part of the project. They’ll be looking for any edge cases that might cause problems, so they can be fixed before the problem ever comes up.

The next step is the go-live. We recommend producing a mock go-live first, just in case there are any final issues – but the key issue at this point is getting everyone in the business ready to adopt NetSuite where it connects to what they do.

Lastly, you’ll want to ensure you still have support going past the go-live date.

If you’re still not sure exactly what you need, reach out to our team – we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.