Should You Choose Infor On-Prem or Cloud?

Why Were We Scared of the Cloud?
The migration to cloud isn’t unique to Infor; and it’s been common for some time. But the point where it goes from a trickle to a steady stream comes with the onset of the pandemic.


What affect did the pandemic have on Infor cloud solutions? Well, there are a few good reasons:

When you’ve tried cloud solutions for other systems in your business, you can confirm for yourself that the cloud is now reliable.

If your office team are working from home, you instantly go from one or a handful of business sites to many. This can have knock-on effects all the way down your organisation, and it makes ‘on site’ seem like a less desirable option immediately.

Depending on other commitments, your business may be joining others in sending some teams fully remote and cutting out the expense of underused office space. If you no longer have a core premises, are you better off with a server stored at an employee’s house, or with a cloud solution?

It’s fair to say as more businesses are returning to the office many are having to work out new processes. A lot of those processes can be better supported by cloud solutions. Here’s why:

Infor Cloud offers better flexibility for scaling workloads automatically, and, because it incorporates an ‘elastic architecture’ design, you don’t even have to worry about performance at peak times. Better yet, you don’t find yourself paying for hardware only utilised fully during peak business.

There was a time when the cloud was perceived as being a less resilient solution than on-premises systems. What happens if it fails? Is your data lost? We now know that cloud systems are actually more resilient. As part of designing cloud systems, automatic backup systems and triggers had to be built in from scratch. That means no manual failover, and faster updates if the issue is caused by the software.

Finally, it’s well worth remembering that Infor’s cloud server facilities have been built to match up to rigorous compliance standards across the globe – any existing standards Infor’s clients might need. Shifting to the cloud rather than maintaining the facility yourself means you no longer need to worry about that aspect.

Bear in mind that the increased number of businesses migrating means that good candidates are rarely on the market for long. I’m just a call away if you want to make sure you can work with the best available experts.​