July Monthly News Round-up:

There’s been a lot happening over the past month. We’ve had two ERP Recruitment experts, Steph Shaw, and Jack Garratt, join the team here at IT Works Recruitment Germany. Formerly specialising in Key Accounts within the UK NetSuite, Infor, and IFS markets, their transition into the German market has been one of ease. Not met them yet? Be sure to introduce yourselves to them both over on LinkedIn (connect with Steph & Jack).  

Lloret de Mar Achievers Trip 2022
With the end of another quarter, our IT Works achievers were off on their travels. Earning themselves a few days of luxury in the sun, it wasn’t long until they touched down in Lloret de Mar. Find out what they got up to…

The Importance of Qualifying a Role, Candidate, and Client
Talking you through our processes, Head of Practice Nick Graham explains why qualification is an important part of connecting experts.

Hiring in Candidate-Short Marketplace
Providing you with key market insights, we discuss the best course of action for hiring in a candidate-short marketplace.

The Top 4 Reasons People Stopped Using Recruiters
Every recruiter has at least a few stories about times they’ve called a potential new client and been told “We don’t use recruiters anymore”. The most important words in that sentence are the last two. Here’s why you should be using a specialist recruiter to help you find the talent you’re looking for…