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Working In Partnership With IFS Specialists For Two Decades.

Beyond a mere transactional recruitment company, we act as business integrators connecting employers with the best IFS talent in the marketplace.

Whether you’re looking for an IFS module specialist to bring subject matter expertise to your IFS implementation or a full team of IFS experts, we make the talent search simple. 

Roles We Work...

IFS Systems Manager

The IFS System Manager manages the implementation, maintenance, and optimisation of the IFS system. They coordinate departments, ensure data accuracy, streamline processes, and troubleshoot issues, ensuring seamless facility operations to support overall business objectives with efficiency and effectiveness.

IFS Functional Consultant

An IFS Functional Consultant specialises in customising IFS for businesses, analysing needs, designing tailored solutions, configuring software, and ensuring seamless integration. They align technical expertise and business requirements, optimising processes and enhancing operational efficiency.

IFS Systems Specialist

An IFS Systems Specialist oversees IFS, managing implementation and ensuring seamless operations. They configure, troubleshoot, and optimise IFS modules, customise the system, integrate new features, and provide technical support, enhancing business efficiency through collaborative efforts with teams.

IFS Project Manager

An IFS Project Manager directs management projects, coordinating teams, allocating resources, managing budgets, and ensuring stakeholder communication. Their aim is to optimise operations, enhance workplace functionality, and achieve project goals.

IFS Functional Analyst

The IFS Functional Analyst enhances business processes by analysing and customising the IFS enterprise software suite. They collaborate with stakeholders, design solutions, and ensure smooth implementation, driving operational efficiency. Their role enables seamless resource planning, manufacturing, and asset management, contributing significantly to business success.

IFS Technical Consultant

An IFS Technical Consultant customises the IFS system, analyses business needs, designs tailored solutions, and optimises processes. They offer technical expertise, troubleshoot problems, and ensure seamless integration, enhancing business efficiency. 

Helping Businesses Level Up

We're dedicated to delivering both rapid turnaround times and excellent service quality for our IFS clients.

Leveraging our decades worth of expertise, we provide comprehensive support for a range of projects including new IFS implementations, upgrade, migration, system check-ups, feature enhancements, or integrations.

We partner with businesses across a range of industries including (but not limited to):

  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Energy
  • Utilities
  • Resources
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Service
  • Telco

and more.

Whether you’d prefer talent on either a permanent or freelance basis, we connect you to best talent available in the market.

What we do is give you options. Even if you’re only in the planning phase of your hiring, we tailor our approach to best support you throughout the recruitment process, and beyond.

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Our Expert Team

Intent on delivering quality service in its best possible form, we’ve adapted how we operate to give our customers more options than ever before.

With either a dedicated client focus, or dedicated candidate focus, our expert recruitment consultants now offer greater market coverage, quicker turnaround timeframes, and higher-quality service - all whilst rooted within their niche system specialism.

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