IFS: The Main Reasons Candidates Look For A New Opportunity?

The main reasons candidates look for a new opportunity?

Being an IFS recruiter, I hear more than enough reasons as to why people leave their jobs. All the candidates I have dealt with tend to want to leave roles because they’re unsatisfied in some sort of way in their current position, rather than a change in career direction. As an employer it’s important to understand why employees want to leave the company. Similarly, it’s very important for employees to know when to move on from a role in order to maintain a healthy relationship with your professional life.

One of the main reasons I hear for candidates leaving is that there is no opportunity for progression within the business. After being in a role for a decent stretch of time, a job can become stagnant, and people can see that their individual scope for progressing further in the company is very limited. This often causes people to rethink their position and is a frequent reason I hear as to why employees ultimately leave.

Another factor similar to this is a lack of investment in employees. This can mean anything from salaries to role progression and not unlike the previous point, can lead to candidates rethinking their position and deciding to move on. Consistent communication with individuals, listening to issues and noticing/rewarding good work can help avoid this to make them feel valued and self-aware of their own role as well as their output.

Cohesion with company and personal goals can play a big factor in employee satisfaction too. If an employee is aware that their own personal targets are being adhered to by the organisation and that their own progression is being consistently monitored and updated, it will improve how secure and satisfied they feel in their role. A lack of this could lead to them feeling their future isn’t guaranteed or cared for. For example, if an employee is looking to achieve a certain status or level in their career and their company cannot offer this to them, they may look to leave. 

Ultimately, there are a multitude of reasons why candidates might look to move somewhere for a new opportunity. Generally, these reasons are things that an organisation can change for the better; but often, it might be the case that if a candidate is set on leaving a company, it is only a matter of time before they do. Offering a counteroffer in the form of higher salary to an employee just because they have handed in their notice almost always works out badly. Although this may be a short-term fix for the candidate, ultimately if they have decided they want to leave because they are not enjoying their role, increasing their wage without changing company behaviours or cultures will only lead to a delay in their departure. This would only waste the time of both the employee and the organisation. (For more on this see our blog about counter offers).

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