Case Study: Improving System Productivity with NetSuite Specialists

Specialising in connecting experts, it’s our job here at IT Works Recruitment Germany to match opportunity to talent. Operating solely in our ERP market niche, we headhunt ERP specialists delivering our clients tailored recruitment solutions; for one of our clients, who were seeking out a NetSuite professional to resolve a failing NetSuite implementation, this is exactly what we provided.

How Did They Hear About Us?

Receiving an email from myself about available talent in the NetSuite market, the client contacted me to express their interest with one particular candidate I was representing. The candidate was a NetSuite professional with a background in Finance with implementation experience. Reaching out to the client over the phone, I was keen to understand more about the specifics of their ERP system and their resource requirements.

Client Requirements

Discussing the specifics of their NetSuite implementation (such as what had gone well, what hadn’t gone well, and how happy they were with their current system) it was clear the business needed multiple professionals who could provide specific NetSuite support.

Overall, not satisfied with the implementation of their NetSuite system, the client described how their ERP system had not mapped seamlessly onto their business process. At the point of contact with IT Works Recruitment Germany the company had had NetSuite for 6 months. With the implementation not completed as expected, the organisation was suffering from an ERP system that was performing at a low quality. With the migration of data to their new system all over the place, the business was still partly running their old ERP system to ensure data wasn’t being lost.

The need for a senior product owner was identified by the client. For them, they needed someone who could bridge the gap between the two systems whilst able to lead a team of NetSuite experts. From my experience working with businesses in a similar situation, I advised that the client look to hire both a Senior Product Owner and a Senior NetSuite Engineer. Between the two resources, one would focus on end-user training and the other would focus on the more technical ERP aspects to help strengthen system development.

The Process

With the requirements set, the team and I worked to have candidates in front of the clients by the end of the week with interviews then scheduled for the beginning of the following week. This process involved thorough qualification of candidates.

During the process, the client took interest in one particular candidate with a unique ERP skillset. The client felt that the candidate would be more suited to a more senior role within the business to oversee their Systems and Technology Department. This would be a role that would not only cover NetSuite, but other smaller ERP systems that were running in other parts of the business whilst transitioning systems. On the technical side, this was also echoed. The high-skilled Senior NetSuite Engineer candidate we put forward for the role had a vast technical background knowledge across multiple system languages. Impressed with the two individuals, the client hired both candidates together to help turn around the failing implementation as a newly formed team.

A Growing Need For Resources

Within the first month, the placed candidates had identified the areas of the company’s NetSuite System that needed fixing. The initial few weeks saw the two NetSuite professionals resolve multiple issues. This led to an immediate improvement in system efficiency that supercharged the company forward in their business plans.

In this time period, both experts had identified skills gaps in the finance team and the technical team. Needing experienced hires to bolster their newly formed team, the two professionals returned to use our services. Through further successful placements, the team expanded to an additional two technical NetSuite professionals as well as two financial professionals (with NetSuite exposure). Through the correct hiring, the business managed to speed up their processes ahead of schedule. By hiring the right people, the business managed to turn around their failing NetSuite implementation, moving forward scheduling from mid 2023 to the back of 2022.


In summary, by hiring the right people for the right channels, any persisting problems were rectified and resolved. Added to this, the company as a whole experienced an enhancement in the quality of output from any chosen ERP. Easing the pressures on existing employees, the newly hired resources trained staff in the intricacies and benefits of any chosen ERP system resulting in company-wide buy-in.

Having previously used other recruitment agencies who the client felt hadn’t understood their requirements or advised them on what they needed to do, working with us here at IT Works Recruitment Germany came as a welcome change. Through thorough candidate qualification, expert advice, and a partnership founded on understanding, the client has continued to use our services to grow their specialist ERP team.

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