IFS Consultant Roles & Responsibilities

Our expert team of Recruitment Consultant’s at IT Works Recruitment Germany dedicate their time to networking and establishing relationships with IFS Candidates and aspiring IFS candidates in the market. Our consultant seeks to understand a candidate’s skills and motivations ultimately aligning them with the best opportunities for them.

Knowledge of the clients and their requirements is also fundamental for our team. We have dedicated client focussed consultants that have established relationships with companies and clients either using IFS ERP or that have system requirements either now or in the future.

It is consistently a priority across all:

  • Candidates
  • Clients
  • Candidate Specialist Recruiter
  • Client Specialist Recruiter

that we ALL have a thorough understanding of the nuances of each role within our ERP specialism. This page focuses on outlining the range of IFS Consultant roles available.

IFS Consultants

As an IFS Consultant your role is to know the IFS software, the capability, the customisations, the integrations, the scope, whether within your organisation or your clients. An IFS Consultant typically specialises in either Technical IFS requirements or in Functional requirements therefore it is important to understand the details of each.

Technical IFS Consultant

A Technical Consultant understands requirements to configure, develop, test, and deploy or optimise IFS ERP applications. The Technical Consultant is able to communicate challenging technical concepts to their technical and non technical colleagues. They often work alongside a Functional Consultant who identifies and scopes the businesses requirements ahead of engaging a technical skillset.


  • Maintain and supporting established IFS ERP systems
  • Troubleshoot technical issues
  • Work in teams to build technical solutions
  • Adhere to best practices and industry standards when it comes to software development and implementation

Functional IFS Consultant

There are many different career options for an IFS Functional Consultant due to the wide scope of IFS ERP Modules on offer to businesses. The IFS modular map showcases the range of modules available to IFS customers. These modules can be included within implementations and post-implementations. Where a company wants to further develop their instance of IFS, they typically require the support of an IFS Functional Consultant.

Regardless of the module you are supporting as a Functional Consultant, your main objective is to work with the business requirement to understand what needs to be done within the IFS application to achieve the desired outcome.


  • Listen and understand business requirements and how IFS can enable these
  • Develop business and functional specifications
  • Support implementations, integrations, and customisations.
  • Facilitate communications throughout the business regarding IFS
  • Provide ongoing support and training to people using IFS ERP
  • Creating IFS documentation and guides

IFS Techno Functional Consultant

As an IFS Techno Functional Consultant, your main priority is to be the middleman of both the Technical and Functional Consultant. This involves translating the functional design specifications and turning them into technical concepts as well as effectively coordinating the IFS Systems development.


  • Review analytics to understand technical issues and design solutions
  • Create and maintain technical documentation
  • Provide software development support
  • Change management and integrations with IFS

About IT Works Recruitment Germany

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