Getting hired for IFS Applications

As industries around the country continue to focus on improved efficiency and better profitability, the need for systems which improve planning horizons, streamline processes, and reduce opportunities for human error grows. For this reason the number of IFS applications jobs available in Germany is steadily growing.

Getting Hired for IFS Applications Jobs

Whether you’re a veteran of the industry or you’ve just finished your IFS certification, looking for new roles can be a challenge. Yes, there’s a lot of activity in the industry; however, because the jobs require specialised skills, they are often hard to find on traditional job boards.

Networking through Xing, LinkedIn and other social media can help, but only to a limited degree. While the number of jobs available with IFS applications is growing, many of these new jobs are at companies which are just using IFS for the first time.

With nothing else in common they are unlikely to show up on these networks. At least not until someone has already found one of the jobs there and secured it.

What other options are there, then, for IFS consultants, developers, managers or other qualified personnel?

There really is only one solution remaining. Recruitment agencies – specialist recruitment agencies, which can be found by companies just beginning to use IFS when they learn what personnel they will need.

These recruiters will be looking for any candidate who suits the job role, but you can move yourself up the list by making sure they have your CV to hand. An expert recruiter – like us at IT Works – will also make sure we’ve spoken to you directly and we understand your strengths and weaknesses.

After all, neither of us benefit if we put you forward to a client whose requirements you don’t match. It wastes your time and ours.
Instead we’d rather make completely sure we know what you want and need, and what your goals are for your career. We can then balance this against jobs that come in, so we can put our candidates forward for roles that would perfectly suit them.

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