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Infor is the only industry-specific, multi-tenant cloud ERP on the market. Regardless of what market you are in, Infor provides comprehensive and flexible solutions that drive business results.


IT Works operates within a variety of Infor industries including but not limited to chemicals, distribution, equipment, fashion, food and beverage, and industrial manufacturing. We can also provide support across M3, LN, LX, Baan, S3, Movex, Syteline, ION, CloudSuite, SunSystems, d/EPM, CRM, EAM, and System21. Contact us today to find out more.

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I recently supported a client who had recruiting for an ERP development team. The company in question grown rapidly and felt it was time for them to expand their resources.Having already hired a trainee and a junior developer, it was clear that they needed a candidate with senior levels of experience. They were not happy with quality of the profiles that came to them directly but also those provided by various agencies. In this case, I had placed the Head of Global ERP at this company 8 months previously so this allowed me to have a very quick, sometimes personal, line to the person who made the decision.

The candidate-turned-client and I quickly scheduled a meeting over Microsoft Teams which also included the HR business partner.Due to the personal connection that I had already established with the Head of ERP this consultation was extremely beneficial. I was able to compromise with regards a number of the specifications, such as location as well as making sure they company would accept profiles of candidates not just in logistics but across the various industries.

The developer that we placed with them had almost 20 years in Infor LN development. He's also a native German speaker and is fluent in English as well.This candidate was an expert in the finance sector with little experience of logistics, but because of the sheer weight of his experience, the client found this opportunity impossible to turn down.

Due to the suitability of the candidate to the role, the client was so impressed, they have made him the team leader of their ERP development team on a home office contract (as he is based over 250 miles away).With a potentially huge migration coming up in October, despite only starting in February 2021, this candidate is already in a position to be on the decision making committee.