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Infor’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are agile, secure, and data-driven systems that play a critical role in cloud-based, digital businesses.

​IT Works Recruitment Europe operate as niche market recruitment specialists for organisations across the DACH Region. Our team of Infor recruiters are experienced in sourcing candidates in all facets of Infor’s product suite. With the Infor ERP field constantly evolving with new technologies and trends, it’s important that our recruitment consultants possess current, up-to-date industry knowledge, giving us the ability to match job requirements with candidate qualifications accurately.

IT Works Recruitment Provides Clients With

  1. Efficiency: IT Works save time for clients by pre-screening, interviewing, and presenting a shortlist of qualified Infor candidates, relieving employers of exhaustive searches.
  2. Talent Access: IT Works connects with a wide range of IT professionals, including passive candidates, expanding the candidate pool.
  3. Holistic Assessment: Beyond technical skills, we evaluate soft skills, culture fit, and aspirations for ideal candidate-company alignment.
  4. Confidentiality: For discreet hires, we offer an extra layer of privacy during candidate searches.
  5. Market Insights: We understand market trends, aiding companies in competitive compensation decisions.
  6. Negotiation: We facilitate salary discussions, promoting smoother hiring.
  7. Contract Staffing: We offer short-term Infor freelance/contract expertise for projects without full-time commitment.
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What This Means For You

In essence, IT Works Recruitment Europe provides a valuable service by connecting companies with the right Infor talent efficiently and effectively, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of both employers and job seekers in the technology industry.

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Why Infor LN?​

Implementing Infor LN empowers organisations with robust tools for end-to-end process management, enabling seamless integration of core functions like manufacturing, supply chain, and finance. This fosters efficient collaboration, real-time data access, and informed decision-making, ultimately boosting operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and adaptability in a dynamic market.

Your Next Steps...

We strive to help organisations innovate and thrive by adding value and going one step further. We use our expertise to make the recruitment process easier for all our clients and candidates; and by delivering results and successful outcomes, we accelerate careers and change lives for the better. Get in touch with our specialist Infor Recruitment team today to discuss how we can assist with your recruitment drive.

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