Why use a Recruiter as a Candidate?

This is one of those questions that seems completely reasonable until you understand what a recruiter actually does. In fact, it’s a question I’d asked myself before I entered the trade myself!

So what are people missing? Simple: a recruiter’s ultimate goal isn’t to achieve their own desires. Instead, their goal is to ensure the needs of the candidate and client are fully met. A good recruiter knows that the candidate won’t accept an unsatisfactory offer (or they’ll leave early) – and that leaves the recruiter and the client back at square one.

We need to take the candidate’s goals into account, whether they want a better salary, a more convenient workplace, or a fresh new challenge.

A good recruiter will walk the candidate through the whole process. We want to guide you through any hurdles in your way – because if you’re right for the role, and we can place you, everyone wins!

What a Good Recruiter Needs

A good recruiter must have strong organisational skills. Managing the process for every candidate and client in their books takes a lot of mental juggling; these skills help. They should have the determination to negotiate strongly to get a deal the candidate will be happy with.

And as developments can happen at any time of day, a recruiter must have an excellent work ethic. This level of commitment is one of the greatest strengths a recruiter needs.

A successful recruiter has to be able to network and communicate effectively. They should also be resilient enough to handle knockbacks and dial tones.

What They Can Offer You

A good recruiter is working to change your life for the better. They won’t just pair you to roles that suit your skills, they should also be working to get you a deal that will improve your quality of life – and to make sure you get through the selection process.

Recruiters have a level of market access a candidate will never achieve. They will know about roles which aren’t yet being advertised. A recruiter you’ve worked with might approach you with a new opportunity even when you’re not actively looking.

It could even be the exact job role you’ve been dreaming of, or the next step in your career plans!

When working with a good recruiter, you know the information you give them will be remembered and used for your benefit – even if the first opportunity falls through, they’ll keep you in mind for new openings down the line. It might be that six months after your first conversation, they’ll reach out with the perfect role.

And once there’s a role in the picture you’d be happy to obtain, a good recruiter will be there with interview tips, negotiation support, and even assisting with your resignation.

So the next time that a recruiter contacts you, rather than asking “what can the recruiter do for me?”

Ask yourself this – “What can I do for the recruiter?”