Why Choose NetSuite?

Why Companies Choose NetSuite

First and foremost, NetSuite isn’t just cloud based, it’s cloud native; it’s always been designed to work from the cloud, and the codebase is optimised for that. After the events of the past two years, the flexibility of a cloud solution looks more and more desirable even if you’ve no plans to move from your current premises.

There’s always been the risk that something like a pandemic would force new patterns of working, and what that can mean for a company running processes off a server it physically owns and has to maintain.

But that’s not the only reason that NetSuite stands out from the crowd.

NetSuite is Simple

A key focus for the company is to make implementations faster to complete. That means less time transferring between systems, less time with IT resources dedicated to the project and not to business as usual, and it means the improvements NetSuite will make can begin earlier. The modular design of NetSuite also makes for easy customisation.

NetSuite is Clever

Almost everything NetSuite does is driven by information in a single, standalone database. This means your dashboard can provide real-time performance data, with presentation customised to your own requirements.

NetSuite is Integrated

Because NetSuite offers everything it does from within one single application, with customer-facing tools including a CRM and full eCommerce capacity as well as back-office tools covering accounting and more, there’s no risk that data will be incorrectly entered as it’s transferred between systems.

Bringing everything together into one holistic system like NetSuite gives everyone who works with any part of the ERP system a huge advantage compared to other options, and NetSuite’s ease of customisation and use are making it increasingly popular in the German market.

If your company is considering an ERP, please get in touch and we can discuss your upcoming project requirements!