What We Do And What We See (In ERP)

As many of you will know, I am a recruiter who focuses on ERP experts and roles throughout Germany with a specific focus on Bavaria. The geographical side of my role has changed slightly however due to the pandemic. As the world has changed in the last 12-13 months, so has how we work. For example, my colleague and I, Charlotte Wilson have worked on more roles together recently than we ever have done. The reason for this is that the necessity of being in the physical office has often been replaced by the potential for remote working. This has given rise to an even more flexible workforce.

During my time working on the ERP landscape at IT Works Recruitment, there have been several changes and big events within the market. Recently there has been a very public ‘spat’ between two of the big hitters of ERP, SAP and Oracle. Essentially, SAP claimed that they had no knowledge or evidence of customers ‘jumping ship’ from their solution to Oracle. The response from Oracle was for their CTO, Larry Ellison, to run through a list of 100 defectors from SAP to Oracle!
Despite the number of companies/organisations that use ‘The Big Two’, I have seen a rise in other ERP systems being adopted and implemented across Germany. I notice these trends alongside the requirements that my clients ask me to find for them.

​In the previous 12 months, with regards placements of candidates in new ERP based roles, the main ERP experience that my clients have looked for are Microsoft Dynamics NAV and 365, Infor LN, and (Oracle) NetSuite. There has most definitely been an increase in the demand for candidates who have knowledge and experience with these ERP’s. This is showing no signs of slowing down either as many of my current roles also require a know-how of these systems.

If we take SAP and Oracle out of the equation, what have you noticed about ERP trends throughout Germany, and beyond?