What to Expect from NetSuite in Germany?

NetSuite Germany – Innovation & Specialisation
Adapting software to serve the UK market from the US market (or vice versa) is relatively simple. Adapting software from either for the needs of a German business is more complex, as operational requirements, tax law, and business legislation is all built up differently. For the past several years, NetSuite have had a team in place with the specific goal of converting modules to suit German requirements or innovating new modules from the ground up, designed for the market. The system also interfaces automatically with national tax offices, and it can provide Intrastat reporting built around the German requirements.

It’s this kind of commitment to the needs of a German business that leads me to predict a huge boom in NetSuite implementations across the nation. NetSuite as a company are dedicated to improving and enhancing their product, and they understand that all markets are different.

I’ve worked with many companies now who put their faith in NetSuite and, so long as there was a clear plan in place for implementation every single one of them has reported significant improvements as a result; more efficient workflows, better control of data… the list goes on.

It’s perfectly possible to adjust your NetSuite implementation over time, if you need to; but nothing earns employee buy-in like a system that delivers from launch onward.

To make that happen, you want to have experts on your side – and that’s where we can help. Call us, send an email, or fill in our contact form and we’ll be happy to help.