What Makes a Good NetSuite Consultant?

What Do You Need to Be a Good NetSuite Consultant?
As a NetSuite consultant, your focus will be on the business. Where can they optimise and streamline their processes? As they grow, are their workflows going to scale, or will they become a roadblock to further growth? Are there any points in these workflows which slow or complicate the process without any benefit?

You’ll need – and you will develop – the business insight necessary to answer these questions, not at a glance but through a detailed review of business processes.

Throughout your work with any given business, you’ll be feeding back to relevant team members. Communication should be steady and open; and not just because that helps you build your understanding of the business. A good NetSuite consultant will be on good terms with their old contacts even after parting ways with them.

So far we’ve talked about specific means of gathering and analysing information. These are important only if you can put that information to use; you need to understand how businesses work in general so you can see where this one could work better. It’s not enough just to see where the pain points are; you have to understand why they’re pain points.

A good NetSuite consultant knows how to handle pressure, whether that’s pushback against your recommendations or simple time pressure. Remember, you’re being paid because you have a level of insight into NetSuite data that they can’t duplicate; they will expect great things, but they may not understand the process. Always come up with a solution (or, better, a choice of solutions) before presenting the issue.

And lastly, you should always be learning. As you start out, you will be good enough, not good. But as you learn from each issue in turn, you’ll improve and develop.

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