Thinking of Recruiting? START NOW

It happens every year… everyone in the office is on annual leave, calendars aren’t aligning, you’re frustrated about the lack of progress on hiring new staff, and the end of the year is FAST approaching.

This year, you’ve got to work around the usual office Christmas festivities, your child’s nativity play to watch, Christmas shopping still to be done - and that’s not even with the distraction of the world cup factored in!

By December, momentum has begun to slow down while the urgent pile of things to do mounts up. With projects scheduled, budgets being finalised, and project plans in place, you understand how essential it is for your company to get ahead BEFORE they get behind.

Added to this, the minutes, hours, and days needed to have everything set before the holidays are rapidly passing.

With everything piling up, and the days racing by, you’re left with approximately 5 working days to find, interview, and hire an ERP expert before projects start in the new year.

Before you can even start thinking about a relaxing Christmas holiday, you firstly needed to have found the right candidate to resource multiple upcoming projects due to begin in the new year. As a hiring manager, you’re feeling stressed about who you need to hire, how you’re going to find them in time, and the fallout of not having said candidate onboarded for the new year.

Keen to get your hiring right first-time round, you understand how critical it is to have the best talent in your team BUT there just isn’t anyone out there who matches your requirements.

Wishing to have the following ticked off your ‘to-do’ list:

  • Job specifications finalised

  • Specialist ERP candidates secured for interview

  • Your role offered and accepted by the best candidate

  • An ERP Specialist ready to start work in the new year

You could consider using specialist ERP Recruiters to help speed up the process.

Before you say anything, no, our team are not in the office on Christmas day. However, as the recruitment experts in our ERP markets, we know that supply and demand for searching for is such that candidate availability is optimum during Christmas and New Year.

We remain active during the holidays to ensure our clients don’t miss out on available talent, giving you the much-needed time to take a well-deserved Christmas break with family and friends.

Don’t delay, contact us today to find out how we can operate as an extension of your hiring team over the holiday period.