Thinking Of Changing Career? There's No Time Like The Present

I completed a Law Degree at the University of Chester and started the long journey to become a qualified Solicitor. However, I realised quickly that law was not for me. Although I had found my degree interesting, the practical work just did not suit what I wanted out of a job. I was in a legal position for over a year, and it was a safe job. I could have spent the rest of my life there and just got by comfortably. But I did not enjoy it and eventually it was affecting my mental health.

​It was on a night out with a few friends of mine where we were discussing that none of us were happy in our jobs. One of my friends who was in recruitment at the time suggested that my legal skills would be great in recruitment and told me to give it a go. I got in contact with a Recruiter who specialised in this and helped me get my job as an ERP Recruiter at IT Works.

​I know how scary changing jobs can be. Particularly with the year we have had it may feel the best thing to do is stay in your current position as it is the safe option. This is even more true with a recent study showing that almost one in four people in Germany go to work unmotivated – the highest rate of employee dissatisfaction in the world. My view is that life is too short to not take the risk for better work satisfaction. When most of us work 40 hours a week, it is essential that we enjoy what we do. I am not naïve, of course every job has bad days. But if you are dreading the thought of work on a Sunday evening, it is time to look elsewhere.

I have been where you are. Wondering where your career could go and not knowing your options. That is why I would recommend a recruiter to help you find your way to the job you love.

​If you are interested in working in the ERP world, get in touch!