The Importance of Qualifying a Role, Candidate, and Client

What is Qualifying in Recruitment?

Qualification (also known as ‘pre-qualifying’) is the practice of confirming everything matches precisely, securing buy-in, and testing the waters on all aspects of a potential placement. Here’s the qualification process in more detail:

The Qualification Process

When we take a job role for a client, the first thing we do is discuss the specifics of a requirement. Here, we deep dive into the job specification to make sure client expectations, needs, and requirements for the role are fully understood.

This qualification of the role is important in ensuring that anyone we put forward is suited to the role – both in terms of having the skills, qualifications, experience needed, and in terms of being interested in the work of the role. If they don’t have the first, there’s no point in you interviewing them; if they don’t have the second, they won’t remain in the role for long.

Once the role has been qualified, we then move on to qualify the client. This involves learning more about how you work – is the business remote? Fully in-office? Hybrid? Are hours flexible? What’s the company mood? Is this the kind of company where regular internal events are part of the culture?

These questions are important to ensure a successful match between candidate, client, and company.

With this information, we can then move onto qualifying the candidate. We check their skills against the job role; we check their experience and expertise are right; we check their salary expectations are aligned with client offerings; but most importantly, we take the time to get to know our candidates to make sure they are the right personality fit for their potential new employer, team, and company.

With a short-list of qualified candidates, we put forward a short-list of candidates to progress to the interview stage. As specialist recruiters, we never put forward anyone we’re not confident will be suitable (we make a placement for every 2.5 CVs submitted). Our expert market knowledge, as well as our thorough qualification process, ensures the hiring process is as smooth as possible.

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