The Importance of Looking After Staff Well-being


Burnout is essentially a negative feeling, where your energy decreases and exhaustion takes over. One of the most common causes of burnout can be work, and as an extension, the workplace. 1 in 5 workers experiences burnout at work, which can often cause a problem in efficiency (stat found from Mental Health UK). This can then have an overall effect on the business. The frustration of feeling exhausted, stressed, and ultimately not enjoying the environment can spread across the company, and that can lead to a spiral of demotivated employees. This is where the importance of staff well-being comes into play.

  • Here are a few tips to help you get out of the burnout phase:
  • Put some time into a hobby you enjoy doing
  • Share your thoughts
  • Put yourself first and do things that make you happy
  • Rest!

For more information on burnout, read our blog for more tips on how to overcome it! - Job Burnout: Recovery



Teamwork is as an essential ingredient needed in the workplace. Creating a supportive environment empowers your staff with the tools they need to collaborative effectively. With the right people in place, the ability to work as a team is either a make or break for your organisations progress. Take a high-level football sports team for example, winning even just one game requires all players to working together to achieve the same goal. How to get your team working effectively? Set goals, celebrate the wins, and let your staff know how much they’re appreciated.



Workplace culture can ultimately attract talent to the business. Seeing the attitude, the spirit and the satisfaction from existing employees can interest potential newcomers. Also, it helps to shape the identity of the organisation. This would be beneficial to the business as an influx of new talent can add value to the business with fresh ideas and new skills.

Overall, it is important for employers to look after staff wellbeing in the workplace. This will encourage your productivity and ultimately create a positive environment for you as a staff member.