How Long Does it Take to Learn NetSuite?

Learning & Getting Certified in NetSuite
NetSuite offers a Consultant Bootcamp, which is part of their SuiteTraining line of courses. The Consultant Bootcamp takes about three weeks of intensive training, and it’s designed for people who are already somewhat familiar with the day-to-day business of being a consultant in the field. If you’ve been using NetSuite at your place of work for some time, especially if you’ve become ‘the NetSuite expert’ whenever there are problems, a Consultant Bootcamp is a good head start on becoming something more.

Most of the time, I’d argue that this is only a start. What do you want to do with NetSuite? If you’re going into functional NetSuite roles, you should probably look at the courses to become a Certified NetSuite Administrator – but the courses needed for this certification are expensive. If your business is willing to pay for it, that’s going to be much more effective.

If your interests lean toward the technical, you will need some programming knowledge. Being familiar with SuiteScript is a huge plus – it’s effectively NetSuite-optimised JavaScript, so JavaScript knowledge will be a huge benefit not just for learning but for showing additional relevant skills.

Familiarity with SQL is also going to be helpful, as NetSuite again has their own internal variant known as SuiteQL.

Lastly, familiarity with any systems commonly connected to NetSuite through API will also be a huge benefit to you if you’re looking to go far as a NetSuite consultant.

So if you already have basic familiarity with the system as an end user, it technically only takes three weeks to learn NetSuite well enough to start out as a consultant – but you’ll be continuing to learn for quite some time afterwards.

Whatever you can learn and prove through working with the system in your organisation is something you don’t need certification to demonstrate. My advice is to find a permanent role where you can become familiar with a specific implementation and do what you can to absorb knowledge around that as you go.

When you’re starting to feel confident that you have enough knowledge to begin consulting, give our team a call – we’ll be happy to go over your skills and advise on any open opportunities. Not only that but we’ll keep you in mind for all opportunities you fit going forward.​