How a NetSuite Consultant can Optimise your Business

​Oracle’s NetSuite program is currently the most deployed Cloud ERP solution worldwide, and it’s no surprise as to why. Getting the most out of your NetSuite ERP system means hiring the right specialists.

Here’s why you need a NetSuite Consultant…

What does a NetSuite Consultant do?

A NetSuite Consultant is a NetSuite expert responsible for analysing your business’s needs, challenges, and objectives evaluating which products best fit these parameters. They’re also responsible for implementing and optimising your NetSuite system making sure your business operations run quicker.

A NetSuite Consultant will typically specialise in either a Functional role or a Technical role. To find out which specialist you need, click here…

Automating To Optimise

Automation is perhaps one of the most impactful optimisations a NetSuite Consultant can provide a business.

There are two types of automation a NetSuite Consultant could implement – Business Process Automation (BPA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is simpler form of automation, where a computer system completes tasks with user defined rules. It cannot learn and change over time, like machine learning can, and is best used for simple yet repetitive tasks that isn’t worth wasting your employee’s time with, such as filling in forms, or creating simple data reports.


Business Process Automation (BPA) 

BPA is a more complex form of automation that covers the business’s overall workflow, automating every task possible from beginning to end.

An experienced NetSuite Consultant would be focused on BPA, using SuiteFlow to create custom workflows for the company, gradually optimising the processes over time, identifying, and removing inefficiencies, and adding additional processes as the business grows. The NetSuite Consultant might choose to utilise RPA, however, for simple processes.

The benefits of automation are increases in efficiency and overall speed in business processes, as well as increased cost-effectiveness of your employees, as they can focus their attention on more complex tasks and get more done overall.

Implementing new modules and third-party applications

Over time, as your business grows and changes, your NetSuite system may require additional modules, or you may require another piece of software entirely to provide a function NetSuite doesn’t offer.

It’s important to pick a piece of software that can properly ‘communicate’ with NetSuite, so NetSuite and the program can send data back and forth. A NetSuite Consultant will be able to make an implementation plan of what modules you will need now, and may need in the future, and will be able to pick a 3rd party piece of software that is compatible with NetSuite.

Training Other Employees on Using NetSuite

A NetSuite Consultant’s role isn’t just the set-up of your NetSuite system – they can also optimise your business by training your other employees how to use your new NetSuite system. They’re responsible for creating documents end-users can refer to, hosting training sessions, and providing support to your team.

NetSuite Consultants are experts in their industries and will get to know your business inside and out. NetSuite Consultants are essential in any business looking to either implement a NetSuite system or already have an existing NetSuite system already in place. We can connect you with the perfect NetSuite Consultant for your business and industry.

A NetSuite Consultant is usually hired on a contract basis, with a specific set of tasks in mind, although some companies may choose to hire an In-House Consultant on a permanent basis. Whatever your needs, contact us! We’ll be able to advise you and connect you with the right NetSuite Consultant for your organisation.