Head of Practice: Reflections On Progress

With it coming up to my year anniversary as Head of Practice of IT Works Recruitment Germany, I thought I would take some time to reflect on the past year as well as the vision for the future we have had.

Going into the new role it created a plethora of opportunity, not just for myself but for candidates and clients we had worked with over the past couple of years. First on the agenda was to devise a new internal strategy improving how we could more effectively deliver our services. Creating more opportunities for candidates and clients alike through wider coverage, the plan would ensure better alignment quality of service and speed of delivery. With plans in motion, we set to work…

In July 2022, we rolled out our new 180 recruitment model. Different to our previous 360 recruitment style, the switch to our new model is representative of who we are as service providers–people-focused. Intent on delivering quality service in its best possible form, we’ve adapted how we operate to give our customers more options than ever before. 

With either a dedicated client focus, or dedicated candidate focus, our expert recruitment consultants now offer greater market coverage, quicker turnaround timeframes, and higher-quality service–all whilst rooted within their niche system specialism. 

Going from strength to strength, our team has grown in number. Over the past 9 months, we’ve welcomed five new specialist recruiters into the team. With additional expertise onboarded, we have been able to effectively service customers using NetSuite, IFS, and Infor systems. The response to our most recent introduction into the team, highly experienced Infor recruitment consultant, Robert Porter, has already been hugely positive. Joining us as Infor Business Manager, Robert’s new position enhances the support, expertise, and service we deliver to our Infor clients. This is something that will be replicated in our NetSuite and IFS departments over the coming months.

Of course, as with any roll out, it came with its objections. That being said, we doubled down on finding solutions that countered the challenges that arose.With the help of our dedicated support team, we pulled through as a team to work towards common goals that focused on improving service offerings and enhancing customer experience.By strengthening existing relationships and developing new relationships with professionals in our network, we were able to service more clients and candidates than ever before–delivering even faster turnaround!

One thing is for certain though, since becoming Head of Practice, I’ve seen first-hand how demand for ERP professionals has sky-rocketed at a faster rate than new ERP professionals are entering into the market. Having personally seen this trend before in the UK, I understand how tough this can be for businesses needing to recruit not only the right talent but the best talent. What it does highlight, is the urgency businesses need to have in making up-skilling employees, a number one priority. Time and time again, it has proven that investing in your people means that businesses are more successful at attracting and retaining talent.

Looking ahead to this year, as mentioned previously, our plan is to introduce two more Business Managers to the IFS, and NetSuite, space over the next few months. We also hope to induct an additional three recruitment consultants who will focus on the candidate side of the business. We also have plans in motion to expand our service offerings providing both permanent and contract recruitment solutions to our European customers as well as venturing into newly emerging ERP systems.

Speaking on behalf of myself, I am personally excited to see how our continued evolution will elevate our successes in 2023. 

And, with that, we’re all set for another busy year of recruitment!