Freelance IFS Case Study

The Requirement


After an initial chaotic implementation that had failed to meet expectations in all aspects, the client was left with no choice but to look elsewhere for fixes to their problems. Hiring a different system partner to help the project get back on track, the implementation specialists liaised with the businesses internal team to remap their resource plans. Supporting the project turnaround, this consultancy set to work on rolling out the IFS implementation on an international scale.

After assessing the situation, it was decided that they’d need to bring on board a Senior IFS Manufacturing Consultant to support the business's ongoing IFS project. Requiring immediate high calibre resource, the system partner chose IT Works Germany to help them find the expert they needed.

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Project Progress


IFS Manufacturing Expertise

Without the original blueprint for the IFS implementation, the client needed to assess, review, and diagnose the problems of the IFS system post-go live. Having started the diagnostics process, the systems partner got to the stage where specialist knowledge was required for the manufacturing module for the right solutions to be put into motion. The IFS manufacturing SME would need to work alongside the Solutions Architect and the IFS Developer to create an action plan and deliver the changes that needed to happen.  


Connecting Experts

Connecting with ourselves, the consultancy needed help in finding the right person for the role, as this was an immediate requirement. Searching for a freelance consultant for an initial 6-month period, we source 6 relevant candidates with various levels of IFS experience all with a varying number of implementations. From the initial 6 sent through, the client decided on taking 4 of those candidates through to 1st stage interview. From here, they narrowed down their selection to just 1 candidate who they took forward to 2nd stage interview.


Who They Hired

After a successful 2nd stage interview, the client chose to hire a manufacturing expert who had been an IFS professional for nearly 25 years, with 10+ manufacturing end-to-end implementations (3 of which were in IFS Cloud). Allowing the flexibility of remote work meant we were able to expand our candidate pool cover a wider portion of the market – meaning more talent options to choose from. Although not residing in Germany specifically, the IFS Manufacturing Consultant they hired had fluent German language proficiency and ultimately ticked all boxes.  


The Delivery


Since starting, the expert we connected has already built some great relationships with the existing team. Momentum on plans have already begun to pick up, with IFS cloud system problems diagnosed with plans underway to action solutions built with the team. The placed freelancer has received positive feedback about their work ethic and performance already exceeding client expectations.

After a successful connecting journey, the client has returned to use our services to help resource for other IFS projects.



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