Dynamics 365 Upgrade: Making Data Considerations

Talk of the town in the Microsoft market? Upgrades!


With the latest wave of updates offering Dynamics 365 customers improved efficiency through features such as Copilot assistance, Microsoft are empowering techies with the tools to help boost productivity and enhance user experience. Especially for businesses, Microsoft’s focus on compliance and usability means customers can continuously adapt processes with greater efficiency than ever before. But, in order to benefit from these updates, customers still running on Microsoft NAV need to consider upgrading to Business Central to not miss out.


One critical factor to get right in your upgrade?…Data migration!


Moving data from NAV to Business Central can be complex, especially if the data structure or format has changed between the two platforms. Ensuring data integrity and accuracy during migration is crucial and require the right expertise.

Do you already have your team assembled ahead of your data migration project? Or is this one part of your upgrade project that needs additional support? If so, here’s which skillsets you should consider adding into your team:


Data Migration Specialist or Data Engineer

This role is crucial for ensuring the accuracy and integrity of data during the transition. They lead the data migration effort, mapping out data structures, extracting data from NAV, transforming it to fit the Business Central format, and loading it into the new system.

What to look out for in a skilled Data Migration Specialist:

  • Proficiency in ETL processes, including data extraction, transformation, and loading.
  • Strong database management skills, SQL knowledge, and data modelling expertise.
  • Experience in data cleansing and quality assurance to ensure accurate data migration.
  • Familiarity with ERP systems, project management, and effective communication for collaboration with stakeholders.


ERP Consultant

An ERP consultant with experience in both NAV and Business Central is essential for guiding the migration process. They provide insights into the differences between the two systems, advise on best practices for configuration and customisation in Business Central, and help tailor the migration plan to meet business specific needs.

What to look out for in a skilled ERP Consultant:

  • Subject matter expertise in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central.
  • Expertise in ERP implementation, configuration, and customisation.
  • Strong understanding of business processes and industry-specific requirements.
  • Ability to provide guidance on best practices, data migration, and system integration.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills.


IT Project Manager

This role is crucial for overseeing the entire migration project, coordinating tasks, managing timelines and resources, and ensuring that the project stays on track and within budget. The project manager's leadership ensures that the migration process is well-planned, executed efficiently, and meets the business's objectives. Their role is essential for driving the project to successful completion while minimising risks and disruptions to the business.

What to look out for in a skilled IT Project Manager:

  • Strong project management skills, particularly in ERP upgrades.
  • Experience leading complex IT projects, including migrations to Business Central.
  • Skilled in resource allocation, timeline management, and budget control.
  • Excellent communication and stakeholder management abilities.


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