Cloud-based ERP Support - The Covid Effect

How Does ERP Support a Modern Business?
An ERP system has many different functions. Many of them are designed to improve efficiency and eliminate issues with inaccurate data. At their core, an ERP has automated update system capabilities and robust databases that receive input from multiple locations simultaneously - without creating errors.

When you look at that fact alone, it’s obvious that there are benefits to businesses which adapted remote working policies to handle the covid pandemic. In many ways, going from a single location to remote work is jumping several steps forward in logistical terms. Usually, businesses don’t have to deal with this until they’ve been growing for some time, and in fact they often hit a different reason to adopt an ERP before there are multiple locations to deal with.

ERP systems saw a huge uptick in demand for implementations when it became clear that pandemic conditions would last for longer than a few months. This solution became a way to reduce operating costs without cutting back on internal tools and infrastructure.

Its main appeal for businesses is that they assist operational support and even create or strengthen an organisation’s infrastructure to meet larger business needs.

We’re now seeing a number of employers looking at ‘return to the office’ initiatives, but with significant pushback from some of their team. The work from home and hybrid working models are here to stay, and businesses following them will need EPR systems earlier in their growth than other businesses. That’s not a negative, though. For the early investment these businesses, they get the benefit of all the other features an ERP offers.

If your organisation has hit a point where any of these issues are preventing you from growing, as a general rule, it’s time to bring in an ERP.

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