Christmas Career Changes

At this time of year many people start to re-think their career decisions. This is because there is a chance to take a break from work and focus on life at home. Therefore, giving them a chance to evaluate their performance at work and how they really feel in the current environment that they are in.
So, let’s ask a question… are you happy in your current job role?
In the UK job satisfaction rates are among the lowest in Europe, ‘with only 64% of employees stating that they are happy in their current job role’. And around ‘59% of workers are thinking about leaving their jobs’. This means three fifths of people are looking for a new opportunity at the start of a new coming year.
It has become a noticeable trend that around November to January there is a lot of movement in the ERP Markets.

Why could this be?

There are many reasons why someone might re-evaluate their career choices.

Here are just a few:
New Resolutions
People are planning new goals and achievements to be made within the next year. They may think about how they can progress in their job role, start a new career, start contracting or have a permanent role, or even consider retirement.
When you are on a break from work you tend to look back on the past year and sometimes develop a new perspective on the events that have happened.
For those that are usually unhappy in their roles tend to be more subjective to change and evaluate whether it is worth going back to their current job in the New Year.
Company Calendar/Industry Impact
In the ERP markets, usually when there are new upgrades people tend to be reluctant to change. Some businesses even look at a changing ERP system because they don’t like the new way the current ERP system would operate. When they start to consider factors like a change in market it can have a large impact on the team as they usually specialise in a certain one or two enterprise resource planning systems. Therefore, the team may not have a choice but to find a new opportunity elsewhere.
Meanwhile those who are unhappy with the company upgrading the system may change to a business that isn’t.

So, what do we see in recruitment?
As recruiters we have seen many different factors that people value the most when finding new opportunities. We have also run polls on our company LinkedIn accounts to ask for your opinion on the subject. The results we got from the polls only reinforced the information received from our candidates’ experiences in the workplace.
We have found that:

  • More people prioritise their happiness in the job role rather than how much they earn per annum (salary).
  • Employee satisfaction is integral to a business – If the employees’ motivation is low, it can have a huge impact on projects and implementations that a business is trying to complete. Having a full team that are fully supportive of each other can drive a project to its desired objectives. If the team is limited in capacity or demotivated can potentially lead to unsuccessful projects.
  • People are more likely to leave their current job than accept a counter-offer.
  • Honesty is one of best qualities to have in the workplace.
  • A lot of people experience burnout at some point in their career.

Listed above are all factors that can contribute to a re-evaluation in career change.

Are you thinking of changing career?
For those who are experiencing or considering a change of career in the ERP markets get in touch with us to discuss how we can be a solution provider for you.
What are your next steps?