Case Study: Infor CloudSuite Implementation

Synergy… it’s something that most businesses strive towards. Appearing ever elusive, synergy is something businesses struggle to attain. However, time and time again, businesses show that with the right resources, systems, and workflows in place, synergy is maybe something not so far out of reach. 

Here’s what it was like for one client, who managed to achieve organisational synergy across a multi-site organisation, by hiring the right resources for their Infor CloudSuite implementation. 

Existing State Of Affairs

As a global manufacturing organisation, the organisation had plans set for an Infor CloudSuite system expansion that would be rolled out business-wide. 

The organisation were in the process of rolling out Infor LN CloudSuite across 2 sites in Germany before continuing the rollout to an additional 6 UK-based sites. Following the success of these system implementations, their remaining sites (located in Asia and Brazil) would then be the last in their Infor CloudSuite system rollout - completing the final phase of their ERP system implementation project. 

Their plans intended to streamline finance, supply chain, manufacturing, and logistical processes. From flow of communication all the way through to end-user adoption, the organisation looked to improve effectiveness across all aspects of the business. 

Their overall goal? Synergising the whole organisation (including multiple-subsidiaries) to align the business group.

What they needed?...Infor Specialists who could make it happen.​

The Bare Necessities 

Struggling with the lack internal Infor LN CloudSuite knowledge and expertise needed to energise system implementation plans the business needed resources… and fast.

To successfully be able to rollout their global, multi-site system implementation, the business required professionals with high-level skill and experience in systems training and finance. 

Having been recommended by a candidate who I had worked closely with over a number of years, the client contacted the team directly. Speaking with the client through several discussions regarding which areas needed most coverage, specific skill sets required, and cultural fit of the potential employee, I gained a thorough understanding of the candidate profile they were looking for. 

Delivering Options

Infor LN Trainer

I was instantly able to find an Infor LN trainer as I had been in conversation with a candidate seeking this type of work, prior to the role becoming live. With roots deeply entrenched in the Infor market, I was able to present the client with the best available options within 24 hours of the requirement. 

Infor Finance Specialist

Whilst it was a similar process to find an Infor Finance Specialist, the search was a lot more focused. A candidate-shy niche, the reduced size of the finance segment of the Infor market meant widening my search to find a specialist located outside of the region.

What Our Clients Have To Say…

Connecting Experts

Candidates Interviewed: 

  • 2 Infor LN Trainer

  • 2 Infor Finance Consultants

Whilst the Infor LN Trainer role on required only 1 interview stage before a selection was made, the role for the Infor Finance Consultant differed slightly. Consulting with the client, it was agreed that a second interview with one of the candidates was required. The second interview gave both parties the opportunity to discuss role requirements in further detail – ensuring the best hiring decision was made. 

How fast was turnaround?

  • CVs sent within ½ an hour

  • Interviews within 24 hours after CV’s sent 

  • Offers made within 24 hours

The Success

Both candidates that were hired have started work successfully and the business is now tackling the project full steam ahead!

Before hiring the right resource, the business were experiencing significant delays. However, with the expertise now in-house, rollout is now scheduled to go-live by the end of 2023 – a great success for their team.