Do You Need To Re-gain Control Of Your Career?

​In a recent study carried out by Oracle, more than 75% of people have described feeling stuck ‘personally and professionally’. Could there be a link between this feeling and the escalating notion of ‘quiet quitting’ we have seen hit the headlines heavily in 2023?

​Our ERP Recruitment Consultants speak to candidates daily and they too have reported an increasing number of their candidate pool feeling stagnant in their career.

 We wanted to unpick this for any ERP candidates feeling stuck or stagnant in their careers:

  • What is career stagnation?

  • What are the symptoms?

  • How can you regain control of your own career progression?

What is career stagnation?​

Career stagnation is when you can identify that you feel a lack of engagement and motivation in your current job role. It is a feeling that can typically affect career growth and development.

What candidates report causes them a lack of engagement in a role? 

  • Repetitive work: Doing the same work on a regular basis can start to feel repetitive. Having a lack of change can mean that your tasks and activities can start to become de-motivating.

  • Challenge: Not enough opportunity to challenge yourself or be challenged with new projects or responsibilities.

  • Worth: Not feeling aligned with the market rate and financial rewards for the work that you are currently doing can feel demotivating. 

  • Lack of career development: If there is no opportunity to learn and implement new skills within the workplace. Put bluntly if you are not developing your skills in a role, what future career opportunities could you miss out on

  • Antiquated Technology: Working with a company that doesn’t prioritise ongoing developments in their tech stack. Especially in our ERP niche not keeping abreast of latest upgrades and versions of the ERP systems can be a significant concern for candidates.

  • Flexibility: Having a lack of flexibility when it comes to hybrid/remote options.  

Speak to an EXPERT and re-gain your career control?

The answer is yes! Their expertise are perfectly placed to support you with any of the above symptoms. Think about it…

  • They speak to candidates every day and will be able to provide you with advice on where potentially your CV has areas for development.

  • They know what the market value of a candidate’s profile is.

  • They know what opportunities there are currently in the market.

  • They are 100% confidential.

  • They have no interest in placing candidates in roles that they won’t be successful in.

  • The cost of a conversation to you is 0€

  • Their number one intent is developing relationships in their niche, that is what makes them successful in their field. Therefore, it is in their best interest to help you come to the right decision for you whether this is to remain in your current role or look for your next opportunity.

Get in contact with our specialist ERP team today and they can conduct an initial discovery call. The aim of this discovery call is for you to have a conversation with a dedicated specialist who aims to discover from the call how they are positioned to support you, wherever you are in your ERP career to date.​