August Monthly News Round-up:

Infor: What should your implementation team look like?

Whether you’re a business implementing Infor for the first time, or you’re currently upgrading your Infor ERP system version, you’ll need to consider what factors are involved in making an implementation successful. 

Nick Graham, Head of Practice for our German Team goes into further detail about the key players needed within your implementation team. 


IFS: The main reasons candidates look for a new opportunity  

As an employer, it’s important to know why employees are looking for a new opportunity. 

Is there no room for progression within the job? Is the candidate not satisfied with the end goal?

Click to read why candidates make the decision to look for a new opportunity. 


Which ERP System is in demand by businesses in Germany? 
The ERP we get asked most about by our clients is IFS. Why is it in great demand by businesses across Germany? In this blog, our team give you a breakdown of all things IFS. Click to read more... 

How to adapt your business process when implementing a new ERP system? 
Usually, implementing a new ERP system is a step towards improving business processes to support longer term goals. However, without planning for the changes, the introduction of a new ERP System can hugely disrupt organisational processes. Take a read to find out more about adapting your business with the introduction of a new ERP system.