Are You One of 32% Of People Choosing Career Comfort Over Progression?

​After being in the same role for several years, you might start to feel comfort and familiarity set in. Tasks may start to feel less challenging; days may start to become more predictable, and your skillset remain static.

What are the reasons an employee chooses to stay in the same role for a long period of time? We decided to poll our German ERP network on LinkedIn with most common factors raised in our discovery calls:

‘What factors prevent you from starting the job search?’

  • 32% selected ‘Comfortable in my role’. Is comfort the height of your ambition?

  • 55% selected ‘Where do I start?’. You are reading this blog; it seems like you have already started!

  • 14% selected ‘Don’t have the time’. We do!


If fear, time, or knowhow is affecting your career progression, see our suggested starting points: 

Self Awareness & Goal Mapping

The technology industry is always changing and evolving, it’s critical to remain on top of significant developments. Investing time in yourself and your skillset is essential to remain or competitive in the job market.

Being aware of the day-to-day tasks, average salary, skills required, to understand the role you aim to secure next, helps you to clarify areas for development and set goals.

Speak To A Specialist

If you wanted to know what the value of your house was you could speak to an estate agent, if you wanted to know how you might improve your health you could speak to a Doctor. If you want to discuss your career options, you could speak to your Recruiter.

Why? Because if you choose the right specialist, they know your sector and they can advise you of how to enter or gain further career traction in the market.

Clarify Options & Next Steps

Dependent upon where you are as an individual, there is the possibility that the Recruiter could come off the call and take your experience straight to market on your behalf. This could be the call that makes the change that your career needs now or in the future.

Equally your consultant might simply provide the sounding board you needed to affirm that now isn’t the right time for you, but you have developed a relationship for when and if the right time arises in the future. Your future self would thank you for this.

You might decide that this process was the start of re-connecting with your career within your current organisation and you move on with re-established confidence and motivations. This has saved you time in interviews and preparation for interviews, only for you to realise that your current role is the best fit for you right now. ​