Advertising Nav Jobs in English

With Microsoft Dynamics Navision being one of the most popular ERP systems in German businesses, the job market is quite strong. The only difficulty is in connecting with it without having to sift through unqualified applicants. What’s the best way of advertising Nav jobs in English?

Recruiting for Nav Jobs in English

Using the standard recruitment options, especially the digital job boards, will always mean receiving applications from candidates without the skills the role requires. Usually, there are a relatively small number of these, even when the job is advertised widely.
However, the more complex the job, the lower the proportion of candidates who apply will be qualified.

You can adjust and compensate for this by ensuring that when you advertise Nav jobs you do so only on specialist boards. Underqualified candidates don’t tend to know about these boards, so the proportion of poor applications is lower.

Even better, however, is to find your candidates through an active and engaged recruiter. At IT Works Recruitment, we’ll speak with you to discuss the ins and outs of the job. Working from this conversation as well as the job description, we’ll be able to qualify candidates against not just your job roles but also any extra requirements identified on the call.

Any candidates we provide you with will have passed this pre-qualification process. We won’t just send you candidates with Nav skills who speak English; we’ll make sure they can handle any other necessary integrations.

Statistically, if we provide an average of 2.5 CVs to a client, they will find their ideal candidate and a hire will be made. Assuming an average of 90 minutes an interview, our clients could fill their Nav jobs in English in under four hours of interview time, plus our original qualification call.

When you consider how long employers often spend on recruitment, we think you’ll agree that this is a huge time-saving.

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