Infor LN Consultant

An Infor LN consultant is a specialised professional who guides organisations through the implementation, customisation, and optimisation of the Infor LN ERP system.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Requirement Analysis
  • System Implementation
  • Business Process Optimisation
  • Data Migration
  • Training and User Adoption
  • Technical Support
  • System Upgrades
  • Change Management
  • Integration with Other Systems
  • Performance Monitoring and Optimisation
  • Strategic Guidance

Qualities of an Infor LN Consultant

A great Infor LN Consultant should have the following responsibilities and skills:

  • Technical Proficiency
  • ERP Expertise
  • Analytical Mindset
  • Communication Skills
  • Problem-Solving
  • Business Acumen
  • Client-Focused Approach
  • Continuous Learning
  • Team Collaboration
  • Training and Coaching
  • Attention to Detail
  • Adaptability
  • Leadership Skills

How can an Infor LN Consultant benefit your team within an implementation?

An Infor LN consultant can significantly enhance your team's capabilities during an ERP implementation. Their profound expertise in the intricacies of the Infor LN ERP system, coupled with their extensive experience, offers a unique advantage. By collaborating closely with your team, consultants can deeply understand your organisation's business processes, goals, and challenges, thus enabling the customisation and configuration of the ERP system to align seamlessly with your operational needs.

Their familiarity with industry best practices streamlines the implementation process, and they can guide your team through change management strategies to ensure smooth transitions. Consultants excel in troubleshooting and problem-solving, providing timely solutions and alternatives when challenges arise.

Moreover, they bring training expertise, ensuring your team is proficient in using the new system, and can offer ongoing support even after the implementation phase. Ultimately, leveraging the knowledge and skills of an Infor LN consultant empowers your team to achieve a more efficient and successful ERP implementation, leading to enhanced operational efficiency, better decision-making, and increased return on investment.

Technical and functional Infor LN consultants play distinct yet complementary roles in the successful implementation of an ERP system. A technical consultant is responsible for the technical aspects of the system, encompassing its configuration, customisation, integration with other systems, data migration, and performance optimisation. They ensure the system's smooth technical operation, troubleshoot issues and manage the intricacies of its architecture.

On the other hand, a functional consultant is focused on aligning the ERP system with the organisation's business processes. They gather requirements from stakeholders, map out existing and desired workflows, and configure the system to support these processes. Functional consultants also oversee user training, change management, and testing to ensure that the system effectively meets the functional needs of the organisation. Together, these roles collaborate to create a comprehensive and well-integrated ERP solution that not only addresses technical complexities but also enhances operational efficiency and supports business goals.

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