Finding Oracle ERP Jobs

As one of the biggest players in the ERP field it’s expected that many businesses are adopting Oracle solutions. That means having experience with the system is extremely valuable for your future career prospects, especially if you’ve worked with several modules. But how do you find Oracle ERP jobs?

The Secret to Finding Oracle ERP Jobs

It’s not as easy to find Oracle ERP jobs as for many other office roles. Even accountants who need extensive training and experience can find job listings published on big job boards.

That almost never happens in the ERP field. Qualified candidates are rare enough that businesses prefer to recruit in other ways, ones that are more time-efficient for them. That means less time wasted on applicants with no experience. It often means fewer interviewees on their shortlist.

To get your CV in front of these hiring managers is a challenge on its own. To make sure you go through to the shortlist is much harder.

The first step is finding these jobs. As they’re often advertised through smaller agencies, you’ll need to be aware of these agencies – like IT Works Recruitment Germany.

Ideally the agency will also be aware of you. When a CV reaches us from a candidate with ERP training and/or experience, we will reach out for a conversation. What we’re trying to do in this conversation is to get a deeper sense of who you are and what skills you have, including any that might be overlooked in the CV. (We’ll ask, for example, about software outside Oracle, and check you’ve listed all the modules you’re familiar with.)

At this point we’ll have a sense of what you want, where you want your career to take you, and what will make you valuable to an employer.

From there we can match you to the role and ensure you’re put forward when a client might take a real interest.

Contact us today to start the process.

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