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Core expertise for both pre- and post-go-live projects.

IFS Projects Managers

An IFS Project Manager plays a critical role in supervising the implementation or upgrade of the IFS Projects module. Their duties include project planning, resource allocation, risk management, and ensuring alignment with organisational objectives. They act as a bridge between business needs and technical solutions, ultimately driving successful project outcomes.

IFS Projects Consultants

An IFS Projects Consultant plays a vital role in implementing or upgrading the IFS Projects module. Drawing upon their extensive expertise, they configure the module to align with business or client needs. Their responsibilities include optimising the system, providing user training, and troubleshooting to facilitate a seamless transition and maximise the module's capabilities.

IFS Solutions Architects

An IFS Solutions Architect specialising in the Customer Relations Management (CRM) module designs comprehensive CRM solutions using IFS software. They analyse client requirements, craft tailored CRM architectures, and supervise implementation. Leveraging their expertise in IFS CRM capabilities, they optimise customer interactions, streamline processes, and boost overall business efficiency, guaranteeing seamless CRM integration.

Head of PMO (Project Management Office)

The Head of PMO (Project Management Office) plays a crucial role in IFS Projects module implementations or upgrades. They lead project planning, allocate resources, and ensure adherence to project management standards. Their responsibility is to guarantee efficient project execution, timely delivery, and alignment with organisational goals, thereby ensuring the successful implementation or upgrade.

IFS Super Users (SMEs)

IFS Super Users serve as expert end-users, bridging the gap between system capabilities and operational requirements. Their duties entail user training, system testing, and offering valuable insights to optimise the module, thereby enhancing project efficiency and effectiveness.

IFS Recruitment Partners of Choice

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The Requirement

Starting to incorporate IFS ERP into your business? Not sure how to plan your IFS ERP hiring strategy? With over 200 businesses relying on us as their top choice for IFS recruitment, we provide thorough support not just in hiring but in IFS resource planning. Let's explore how one of our clients built a skilled IFS team with the help of our experienced recruitment specialists.

This client began building their ERP system with no previous experience with IFS or ERP systems. They needed help assembling a team for this. Operating in two UK locations and one overseas, they planned to implement IFS in stages. Although, top priority was getting the IFS Projects module set up because it was essential for their business operations and the industry they're in.

What they needed was an IFS Projects Consultant along with additional specialist IFS resource.

Main Objectives

  • Roll out the comprehensive IFS Projects module.
  • Keep the service, test, and technical teams informed at each project stage.
  • Schedule staggered go-live phases for the UK and overseas operations.
  • Collaborate closely on subcontract management, project reporting, and invoicing.

Recruitment Process

Professional IFS Advice

This client reached out to us after hearing about our well-established reputation in the industry. They needed help with their IFS resource plans. Since they had bought the system from IFS, they realised they needed an additional specialist consultant to work directly with the team. This person would focus solely on the IFS project and be the main contact for the team, alongside support from IFS.

Specialist Support for IFS Projects

As the IFS Projects module is quite a niche area of the IFS system, it requires specific skills. The client came to us with their requirements, and we got to work finding them candidate options for the role. We quickly provided them with four top candidates within a day. Some were experts in IFS Projects, while others had broader knowledge of the module. All of them though, had experience starting new projects with APPs 10 or higher.

Hiring an Expert

After interviews and feedback, the client hired the IFS Projects Consultant they wanted in less than two days. This person had previously implemented the module on multiple occasions and had relevant industry experience. Being available immediately, they helped the client kick off their project as soon as they required.

Hiring Talent
The Result


With the expertise of the chosen IFS specialist, the project could begin earlier than expected. Having an in-house IFS Projects expert meant that the additional IFS team members could rely on the knowledge and skills of the candidate recruited through IT Works Recruitment Europe. Integrated into their expanding IFS team, the hired IFS Projects Consultant played a key role in establishing a strong foundation for the business's IFS resources.

As the project progresses, the first phase of implementation has been completed according to schedule and budget. Following the successful implementation of the initial module, plans to expand and tailor the company's IFS ERP system are now in motion.

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