IFS Human Capital Management (HR)

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Core expertise for both pre- and post-go-live projects.

IFS HR Consultants

An IFS HR Consultant collaborates with organisations to analyse HR processes, configure the module to align with their unique requirements, provide training, and ensure seamless integration. Their expertise enhances workforce management, talent acquisition, and HR efficiency within the IFS ecosystem.

HCM Project Managers

An IFS Project Manager leads the implementation of the IFS Human Capital Management (HCM) module, overseeing project planning, resource allocation, timelines, and budget. They bridge the gap between organisational goals and technical execution, ensuring seamless HCM module integration, on-time delivery, and successful project outcomes.

IFS HR Specialists

An IFS HR Specialist specialises in configuring and customising the IFS Human Capital Management (HCM) module to align with an organisation's HR processes. They collaborate with stakeholders to gather requirements, configure the software, and offer expertise in HR best practices, contributing to a tailored and efficient HCM system implementation.

IFS Finance Consultants

An IFS Finance Consultant plays a vital role in integrating the IFS Human Capital Management (HCM) module. They bridge finance and HR functions, ensuring seamless integration of financial data, compliance, and reporting within the HCM system. Their expertise helps organisations streamline payroll, budgeting, and financial processes for a comprehensive HCM solution.

IFS Recruitment Partners of Choice

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The Requirement

As connecting experts, we do more than just find talent. For the clients we work with, we act as part of their hiring team, helping them find and employ the best IFS talent. We build strong relationships with our clients and offer them proactive support. Here's how our proactive approach to hiring helped one IFS upgrade project.


Having already supporting the business with previous IFS hiring requirements, we were already familiar with their hiring plans. And as the project progressed, they needed an in-house HR consultant for various parts of the HCM module. Acting quickly, we noticed this gap in their plan and helped them find the extra specialists they needed.


Main Objectives:

  • Keep the upgrade project on schedule and within budget.
  • Help with integrating payroll, managing employees and organizations, and handling expenses.
  • Enhance HR processes to improve staff retention rates.
  • Make sure users are trained on the newly upgraded IFS Cloud system.

Recruitment Process

Connecting the Experts

 The client selected an IFS HR Consultant with whom we already had a relationship. This candidate was referred to us by a colleague of theirs. The chosen IFS HR expert met all the client's requirements, including specialised module experience and skills. They were successfully connected through a one-stage evidence-based interview.


Mapping Processes & Delivery Plan

First step: map out the system processes. Once the process map was ready, the IFS HR Consultant began configuring data from the existing legacy system for the transition to the IFS Cloud system. They ensured that the configuration plan and delivery aligned with user and business needs to meet requirements. The hired IFS HR Consultant maintained clear communication between the implementation partner and end users to coordinate requirements.


Ongoing HR Enhancements

Before going live, the IFS HR Consultant continually worked on managing the HCM module's functionality. Their consistent efforts throughout the integration ensured that all newly upgraded modules communicated effectively, with testing at each stage of the process.

Hiring Talent
The Result


Having the right HR consultant onboard helped increase team productivity. Whilst bringing in more resources eased the workload for existing project team members.

With years of experience and involvement in similar projects, the hired contractor provided valuable advice to the project team, pointing out potential issues to avoid. This cost-effective approach of having the most experienced resource on the project ensured the IFS Cloud implementation was completed quickly and within budget.

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