Finding ERP Jobs to Fit Your Profile

Matching Your Skills to Available ERP Jobs
In the ERP field there are many different roles making use of different skillsets. Most people working in this field are familiar with a single ERP system; perhaps two at the most. However, your skills may qualify you for a number of different possible roles. How do you know which ERP jobs are the best fit for your skillset and outlook?
Matching Your Skills to Available ERP Jobs
For the most part, job titles are stable across the industry, so you always know what you might be letting yourself in for.
ERP Analyst
Analysts help businesses to make the most of their investment in the system. To be successful in this role, you have to be able to interpret data across different aspects of the business and to explain your interpretations clearly to people who may not understand technical jargon.
ERP Project Manager
Responsible for implementations, upgrades, migrations and other key projects, project managers must be able to oversee a team, track progress, anticipate problems and report on performance.
ERP Programmer/Developer
Responsible not just for the ERP implementation but for any integrations needed, including any which need connection code writing or where APIs need to be modified, programmers and developers usually operate in parallel to the main activity of the business. They may have administrators or project managers operating as an interface between them and the main business.
ERP Administrators
If you have enough experience with an ERP to operate and troubleshoot it, and the ability to report well to C-Suite executives, you may find that a role as ERP administrator is the best option for you.
Whichever ERP jobs suit your experience, you’ll need support in finding opportunities and securing them. Contact our team today and we’ll be happy to help.

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