Managing Work/Life Balance

​Why is work-life balance important?
I was discouraged last week over a conversation I had with a candidate about work-life balance. He told me that in his company, in his branch as an ERP consultant, he didn't believe that there was a “work-life balance”. He and the members of his team should feel that if they are not “all-in” they might as well be “out”.

In my experience this is dangerous because as soon as people start to feel undervalued, overwhelmed and under pressure, they start looking for alternative paths. This leads to an organization losing a good employee. Whether you are an ERP manager, an ERP administrator, or an ERP systems developer, at times it can feel (to the individual) like starting a process over by trying to leave the company .This is exactly why work-life balance is so important. So many of my clients are realising this, which is now evident from the large number of ERP job postings that say companies offer great benefits in terms of work-life balance. Things like home office days, flexible working hours.

Companies are beginning to realise that this is absolutely essential for candidates who might be persuaded to change jobs. These are some of the most frequently asked questions I come across when talking to candidates about specific ERP jobs:
- Are there flexible working hours?

- What is the home office situation like?

As I have these conversations, I realise that the chance to improve this aspect of their life is much more important to the candidates now, especially after many of these people have been “forced” to do so over the past six months.

An ERP Specialist leaving the office
Find the time
The main problem I encountered by the candidates with regard to the work-life balance is

"I can't find the time"

In the past, this has been a very easy excuse for me too.As an ERP recruiter, we are constantly switched on.Just because we might be out of the office for an evening or a weekend doesn't mean it all stops. Calls have to be answered and e-mails sent.In this regard, you need to make the effort. This is called "work-life balance" because it is not easy to achieve.

Personally, I've tried much harder to switch off since the lockdown was eased.I've played more golf, I've bought a fire pit to socialise in the evenings, I've even started looking at other sports again (instead of just focusing on Liverpool!). Wherever possible, we've also tried to book more things to do as a family. As you can see in the picture below, we went to an aquarium not that long ago!

All of these things help me switch off, and they are all achievable while still being successful in my job. Since the national shutdown was lifted, I've simply put more concerted efforts into place. I am also fortunate to work where I work. IT Works attaches great importance to positive mental and physical well-being. I wouldn't be able to do the things I do professionally and personally if I felt under the same intense pressure as the candidate I spoke to.

Managing Work/Life Balance
In summary, it can be said that a good work-life balance is of crucial importance for our well-being. It's up to you to make an effort to be more active, take the time to recharge. If you run into a brick wall due to constraints from your workplace, you know exactly what to do!