Job Burnout: Recovery

Starting to Bounce Back from Job Burnout
I’ve heard people say that you know burnout is coming when you have no reason to be frustrated with your job, but you are. Maybe that’s why people in toxic workplaces get so badly burned out before they notice; it’s easy to write off as some other problem, one that might get solved if the company hires another person or introduces that automation they’ve been promising. Spotting it as a problem on its own is a different matter.

Stress Release
If your time at work is starting to frustrate you – even if there seems to be a perfectly good reason – you need some kind of stress release. I know people who use martial arts training to do this. Colleagues in my office hit the gym, play football, spend hours on Call of Duty or Fifa, or paint little models.

The important thing to remember is that whatever method you choose has to actually work for you. Just because your friend swears by it doesn’t matter, but if you feel better and calmer after doing it, that’s great!

Share Your Thoughts
Stress release won’t fix a burnout; it just helps lighten the load, and can keep mild cases from being a problem.

Try sitting down with a friend – probably not one from work! Talk to them about your frustrations openly. Just letting them out can be effective, but the real strength of these talks is in their reactions. Do they think there’s a real problem at work? Or do they think the problemisyour work, as a whole?

Hearing someone you trust tell you that you’re not overreacting and the thing that’s irritating you is a genuine problem can really help. If they think you’re dwelling on specific incidents while you actually seem frustrated by the whole thing, well, that tells you that there may be a larger problem.

Check Your Sleep Levels
People suffering burnout often stay up far too late despite having a busy day and an early start to come. In China this is called Revenge Bedtime Procrastination. The theory is that staying up so late allows you to assert control over something when you feel powerless.

The trouble is that your next day is still stressful – but now you’re tired.

Getting enough sleep won’t turn things around immediately, but making a habit of getting enough sleep can give you a much more positive outlook over time.

Change Jobs
The ultimate solution to job burnout is a new job; a new challenge, something different in your day, and if your old workplace was contributing to your burnout, you’re getting away from the cause.

I can’t help you with most of the possible causes of burnout – but this one I can do something about.

If you’re looking for something new, because of burnout or for any other reason, drop me a line and I’ll be happy to talk through your current situation, your goals, and help you put together a solution.