Case Study: NetSuite Multi-Site Implementation Resourcing

FACT: Did you know that if your implementation project is 20 days overrun it could cost your business an additional 28% of what you’ve already paid.


Has your business been impacted by a failing ERP implementation? Or perhaps your business can’t keep up with the stacking costs incurred by delays to an ERP project? Sound familiar…

For one of our clients, this nightmare scenario had in fact turned into their reality. Operating in the retail industry, the company in question experienced a rocky start to their newly implemented Oracle NetSuite system. Laying down plans for business growth and expansion, the client had heavily invested in their NetSuite ERP system as an integral part of their business development strategy. The business had the right technology in place but didn’t have the right ERP specialists to drive project momentum.

At the point where they contacted us, the business had urgently needed to hire a NetSuite Product Owner to take over their Oracle NetSuite Project Management. They were looking for an ERP resource who could not only improve their current system but also manage the system onboarding across subsidiaries across multiple sites across Europe. The candidate also had to be a NetSuite expert as well as specialising in finance (as the finance module was a key part of the entire system). Despite advertising the role internally for nearly 3 months, their search had come up empty…that’s when they reached out to IT Works Germany.

How Did They Hear About Us?

Relying on their internal HR team to find them the right ERP specialist, the hiring team hadn’t come across anyone suitable for the role. Time ticking, the endless search was not only costing them in time, money, and resources but had mounted pressure on staff already in the business. With cracks beginning to form, the business had reached a critical point. Filling the requirement was urgent…

Through connections on LinkedIn, the hiring manager reached out for a discussion on how we could support them in the recruitment process. In their initial consultation, we listened, understood, and advised the client on their core requirements including experience, skillset, market rates and candidate offerings.


Two Key Parts Of The Discussion:

1. Budget

As there had been a delay due stemming from their unsuccessful internal staffing drive, the client was operating under strict budget requirements. Having previously used 3rd party support prior to IT Works Recruitment Germany, the company had racked up expenses with no return on investment.

2.  Candidate Offerings

The second key part of the discussion was centred around candidate offerings. Could the client offer remote working? If so, did the candidate have to be based in Germany? Or could we look further afield? What was established was that the client was open to the opportunity being a remote working role but that they required an English speaking candidate.

Delivering Options…


With a clearly outlined picture of what the client wanted, we were able to find 4 of the best NetSuite candidates that matched requirements. The advantages to their remote role offerings was that we were able to gather a wider talent selection from across Europe. Instead of focusing specifically in a German region, we delivered more talent options for the hiring manager to choose from.


  • Candidate profiles over within 48 hours

  • 1st stage interviews within the first week

  • 2nd stage interview and offers made within a 2-week period

The candidate that impressed them the most was one particular NetSuite specialist based outside of Germany. This individual had worked in the ERP sector for 5 years with experience in a multiple subsidiary implementations (also with a financial background). With a quick turnaround on resources, it wasn’t long until their Oracle NetSuite project was back on track and expansion plans reignited.


Who We Are…


Whatever the recruitment need, it’s our transparent approach to the process that enables us to be successful at connecting experts. With our dedicated market focus, we are effective at delivering solutions tailored to our client’s requirements.

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