SAP – Within Today’s ERP Landscape

​Defining ERP – What does ERP stand for and what exactly is it?

An ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning system) is software that integrates and manages business processes of an organisation, including:

  • Finance and accounting

  • Inventory and supply chain management

  • Human resources

  • Customer relationship management

An ERP system aims to streamline, standardise, and even automate these processes providing businesses with real-time data and insights. Being equipped with real-time data, businesses are increasingly able to analyse and identify trends helping them to make better-informed decisions. Overall, an ERP system is essential for any company looking to improve its operational efficiency and increase profitability.

SAP – The Market-Leading ERP system in Germany​

Examples of ERP systems within Germany include SAPNetSuiteMicrosoft DynamicsIFS ERP and Infor to name a few. SAP is a German multinational software company and one of the biggest players in the German ERP market. Reportedly boasting over 50% market share, SAP services a wide range of industries including, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail.


SAP – The offering in comparison with its ERP competitors ​

With SAP facing intense and increasing competition from companies like Oracle NetSuite and Microsoft, we wanted to explore how SAP is perceived in today’s ERP market and what exactly they offer to customers: ​

  • SAP is known for its robust software and its long history in the ERP market.

  • With the number of competitors steadily increasing, SAP ERP has been criticised for being overly complex and outdated when compared with alternative market offerings.

  • SAP has clearly engaged with this criticism and has been releasing updates and innovations to sustain its position within the fast-paced technology landscape.

  • SAP has a wide variety of products and services.

  • The integration between their products is considered to require further investment and development to better streamline the customer experience.

  • SAP is at the high end of licensing costs, leading some customers to opt for cost-effective alternatives provided by competitors.

  • The SAP ERP product is built to target large scale businesses looking to scale and accommodate highly complex business processes.

  • Although considered a higher priced suite of products, they do offer various pricing and deployment models making their products more accessible for small to medium businesses.

  • SAP has been praised for its comprehensive customer support services, including extensive documentation and training courses.

​SAP – As leaders in the ERP landscape why don’t we focus on connecting SAP experts?

​What we do at IT Works Germany is focus on ERP offerings designed to support small to medium enterprises. Delivering recruitment solutions for these systems, our clientele are those businesses looking for ease of use, flexibility, and adaptability in their ERP systems; allowing them to keep up with the fast-moving technology landscape and as a result, respond quicker to changing market conditions.

We are Experts in our market, and this means we must have a clear understanding of customer needs. By having a dedicated focus on ERP systems Oracle NetSuiteInfor, and IFS ERP, we deliver a tailored service with effective results. By being the specialist, we get to know the markets community of professionals building long-standing relationships that last. Our niche system specialism enables us to successfully connect quality of service with speed of delivery.