Tim Bashall

Tim Bashall


Boasting over three decades of experience in Digital Systems Consulting and the Recruitment industry, Tim brings a unique talent for nurturing emerging enterprises into thriving brands with robust and profitable business models.

As Chairman, Tim plays a pivotal role in providing leadership and guidance to the board, presiding over meetings, setting meeting agendas, representing the organisation to the public, ensuring good governance, facilitating conflict resolution, collaborating with the CEO, managing shareholder/stakeholder relations, and overseeing succession planning.

Tim's leadership was instrumental in the successful sale of the IT Works US recruitment brand, IT Works Recruitment Inc., culminating in a trade sale to The Planet Group, a company boasting a remarkable $500 million turnover and headquartered in Chicago.

Beyond the boardroom, Tim is a dedicated family man with an adventurous spirit. He finds solace and excitement in winter sports and country pursuits, all while nurturing a profound passion for rock music.

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