Stuart Quinney

Stuart Quinney


Meet Stuart, our CEO, whose journey in the world of London Recruitment began during an era when fax machines ruled, and office antics involved creative fax shenanigans.

After a break from the recruitment scene, Stuart explored various business endeavours. However, the allure of what he affectionately calls "the best industry in the world" proved too irresistible, leading to his triumphant return in 2010.

In 2016, Stuart joined our IT Works team, driven by the alignment of values and aspirations. He saw vast potential to create opportunities for our clients, contractors, candidates, and colleagues. Under his leadership, our business has consistently grown year after year, thanks to our exceptional team of experts.

Outside the boardroom, Stuart's passions take him to Italy, where he embraces La Dolce Vita, often accompanied by the delightful notes of an Aperol Spritz. He's an enthusiastic traveller, a fine cuisine connoisseur, and a true aficionado of exquisite wines. As a dedicated Chelsea FC supporter, he makes the journey from the North West to attend approximately a dozen home games each season, showcasing his unwavering commitment. While not a golfing pro, Stuart aspires to regain his former cycling glory. He's renowned for brewing the second-best cup of tea in the business, with ambitions to claim the number-one spot in the future.

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