Henry Knott

Henry Knott

Infor Recruitment Specialist - Permanent Resource

Henry is a dedicated and versatile professional with a fresh university degree in Physical Education and School Sport. Henry's skills are highly transferable to recruitment, making him a valuable asset to IT Works. His teamwork, developed through sports and previous jobs, is crucial for collaborating with colleagues and clients. Strong organizational skills and time management ensure efficient scheduling and deadline management. His attention to detail and problem-solving experience will help overcome hiring obstacles. Enhanced communication skills are crucial for understanding client needs and interviewing candidates. Henry's adaptability and eagerness to learn will help him quickly grasp the recruitment market. Finally, his relationship-building skills are essential for forming strong client and candidate connections. Henry's diverse background and skill set will enable him to excel in recruitment at IT Works. In his free time, Henry is passionate about sports, both playing and watching, with a particular interest in football and golf. He also enjoys traveling to new places and exploring different cuisines, reflecting his open-minded and adventurous spirit. This blend of skills, experiences, and interests makes Henry a well-rounded candidate eager to leverage his abilities in the recruitment industry.

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