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  • Nick is very easy to work with, he's honest and helpful when putting you forward for roles. He doesn't try to push you to apply for roles that you're not suitable for.​

    Project Manager, Candidate
  • Anybody that contacts IT Works Recruitment will get a highly qualified and experienced ERP Recruiter. Their knowledge in all aspects of ERP is extremely good and add this to their success when finding the best job and the right candidates.

    Business Analyst, Candidate
  • My recruiter helped me to find an opportunity which is best fit to my profile. He has supported me at every step of the recruitment process. He is very friendly and explained everything to me in a structured way. Because of him the process became streamline. He always kept me up-to-date about the progress of my contract. He did a great job!

    Trainee ERP Developer, Candidate
  • I worked with IT Works Recruitment during a Recruitment process recently. Their work attitude is outstanding. They were through out the whole process dedicated, always present and committed to achieve the best results for all parties, delivering a professional service far beyond the common methods of operating. Compared to other experiences made, IT Works Recruitment is now my number 1 recommendation for anyone interested. Thank you very much for making this process so uncomplicated!

    Project Manager, Candidate
  • An extremely efficient recruiter who keeps me up to date throughout the hiring process. He has found a number of possible opportunities for me and working with him is very easy.I would recommend him to anyone looking for a new role.

    ERP Project Manager, Candidate
  • I worked with a wonderful and more than helpful recruiter. They put a lot of effort into understanding your interests and your future goals in order to find the optimal job for you. In doing so, they stay open minded for job that do not necessarily fit to the initial description, but definitely to your character. I enjoyed the collaboration with my recruiter and can only recommend them.

    Software Developer, Candidate
  • My recruiter gave me great support during the whole recruitment process. He prepared me very well for every interview and kept my always up to date. In summary he did an amazing job.

    Senior ERP Developer, Candidate
  • IT Works Recruitment makes it a smooth and easy process to join and participate projects as they taje over all of the bureaucracy and keep me in the loop for decisions at the same time. Experienced and professional ERP Recruiter and always direct, honest and transparent, what I really appreciate.

    Consultant, Candidate
  • By far the best and most professional recruiter I have ever met. He guided me through the entire process and I was prepared for all eventualities. I can recommend him 100%.

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV Project Manager, Candidate
  • The team are exceptional professionals. They're very passionate about their work and it shows. I highly recommend them for any companies looking for new ERP/IT candidates and also for candidates seeking new challenges. I found them very helpful, honest and approachable, genuinely interested in making a difference and assisting their clients throughout the process providing valuable feedback.

    ERP Consultant and Materials Support , Candidate