Group CFO

Position: Group CFO
Location: Zug, Switzerland
Work enviroment: Hybrid (80% onsite)

As the Head of Financial Management and Reporting you will play a pivotal role in overseeing all financial, legal, and regulatory aspects of the organization. This includes accounting, finance, reporting, audit, tax, and compliance functions across our global operations.

Group CFO Key Responsibilities

  • Oversee all accounting, finance, reporting, audit, tax, legal, and regulatory policies and initiatives.
  • Manage financial accounting and consolidation processes in line with IFRS and SIX Exchange standards.
  • Implement effective project controlling mechanisms and maintain robust industrial accounting practices.
  • Handle international and local tax issues, ensuring compliance and efficient tax planning.
  • Prepare and submit weekly, monthly, quarterly, interim, and annual reports, including corporate governance and compensation reports.
  • Develop annual business plans and long-term strategic financial plans.
  • Apply best practices in financial forecasting and analysis, focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs).

Corporate Governance and Compliance

  • Collaborate with the Chairman on legal and corporate governance matters.
  • Organize the Annual General Meeting (AGM), including shareholder communications, web publications, reporting, and dividend payments.
  • Assist the Chairman with investor relations and participate in investor presentations, meetings, press/analyst conferences, and AGMs.
  • Oversee GDPR compliance, cybersecurity measures, and general Group compliance.
  • Manage website publications related to SIX relevant matters.
  • Oversee all ESG reporting.

Operational Leadership

  • Lead and manage the finance team in Switzerland and Italy.
  • Serve as a functional partner and advisor to divisional and local CFOs and controllers across the globe.
  • Ensure accurate bookkeeping, reporting, and preparation of financial statements for the Group's Swiss entities, including tax returns and social security.
  • Evaluate capital expenditure projects and their returns before submission for approval.
  • Monitor and optimize working capital performance and cash generation.
  • Update and review Management Information Systems (MIS) and ensure their integration with electronic consolidation tools and ERP systems.
  • Manage the correct allocation of centralized services and trademarks.
  • Oversee global insurance policies and the recharging of premiums.
  • Oversee HQ payroll and social security through the finance department.

Leadership and People Management

  • Lead a global team of approximately 40-60 employees located across 30 countries.
  • Provide functional responsibility and partnership for regional and local CFOs and Controllers in the Group companies based in the EU, NA, and Asia, along with their respective accounting teams.
  • This role has a global coverage and significant impact on the financial health and compliance of my Client.
If you are interested, please do not hesitate to apply