Infor LN Manager

Posted 04 August 2023
DisciplineInforInfor LN
Contact NameJack Garratt

Job description

We are seeking a dynamic and experienced Infor LN Manager to lead our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) team and ensure the effective utilization and optimization of Infor LN, a comprehensive ERP software solution.

The Infor LN Manager will be responsible for overseeing the implementation, maintenance, and continuous improvement of the system, while also managing a team of ERP specialists and coordinating with other departments to align business processes with system capabilities.

Infor LN Manager Responsibilities

  1. ERP System Management

    • Oversee the installation, configuration, and maintenance of the Infor LN ERP system.

    • Monitor system performance, reliability, and security to ensure optimal uptime and data integrity.

    • Stay updated on the latest software releases and updates, and coordinate with the IT team to plan and execute upgrades.

  2. Team Leadership

    • Supervise a team of ERP specialists, including hiring, training, mentoring, and performance evaluations.

    • Assign tasks and set clear objectives for team members, ensuring their alignment with organizational goals.

    • Foster a collaborative and positive work environment that encourages innovation and continuous learning.

  3. Business Process Alignment

    • Collaborate with key stakeholders across departments to understand business requirements and process improvements.

    • Analyze existing workflows and identify opportunities for automation and system enhancements to streamline operations.

    • Lead initiatives to customize and configure Infor LN to meet specific business needs while adhering to best practices.